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Media release, Press Relations, Graphic Communication, Public Relations, Business Relationship

 Interest - Interviews - Corporate Relations

Newspapers, Magazines,
Web Charts, Printed Materials Brochures, Flyers, booklets,
Very Large format available

Celebrities and Very Important Person pictures, non-degrading moments and respect of Privacy, Jet Set, Local Stars System, Events not to be missed, Excellent Ratio Price / Quality,
Partner of your Activities and Corporate Events, Promotional Items, Advertising,
Pictures in Merchandising, Packaging and Brand Name Image,
Photojournalism; No negative ads and all criticisms are constructive,
Commercial Pictures, High Definition Picture Catalogue, Picture Databases,
Conferences, Meetings, Webcasts, Corporate Videos, Business Environment,
Businesswoman, Businessman, Case Studies, Success Stories, Honorary Mention, Documentary,
News Report Private and Confidential, Public Report, Independents and Impartial.

Local Independent Agency with Impartial Information. We are working for You  !

Videos Digital Format
Panasonic DVCPro and Sony WebCams
Standard DVD Quality SD: 480p 16x9 or 4x3
Entrevues et Reportages
Interviews & News Reports
SD-Broadcast and Web

Photos Relations-Medias
   Photos Pictures
Nikon-D3 Digital Format-Professional
14 to 300mm f2.8 Macro and VR-II &
Mobile Photo Studio (4256 x 2832)

Outsourcer, Information Reseller and Promoter - Producer